31 March, 2010

Wednesday: Unproductive.

Had the day off and only did an A4 watercolour and a small illustration.
Just couldn't get inspired.

This one I tried a different approach, using more masculine colours.. not really my style. Bit of fun though. Kind of looks like mountains and the sea.

Have not done an illustration for ages! I'm not happy with how the legs turned out, I'll have to practice drawing bird feet..or are they called claws?

30 March, 2010

Down the rabbit-hole

Looking forward to Easter? I know I am.
(No Friday night shift for me!)
Pen and ink wash, 2009
Original illustration by John Tenniel

Owl-pple and Pear-geon

Paper art... I gave it a whirl! So much fun to make.

Started off as scribbles.

Watercolour and ink on paper, 2010

29 March, 2010

Felt creation

Created for the the 'felt' themed window at Riot Art and Craft. Based on 'The Kiss' by Gustav Klimt. It was actually a lot of fun to make... minus the threading of tiny beads. The effect is great though.
I'm currently working on a felt version of 'Starry Night'.

Too hot for cotton candy.

Jerrabomberra fair! First ever market stall - exciting, eh? Too bad it was incredibly hot and I didn't think to bring a gazebo... silly me. I ended up leaving around lunch time.

Thanks Loren for keeping me company in the blistering heat and saying hello to people when I didn't feel like it :) Trooper.

Couldn't even take a little heat.

28 March, 2010

The Beginning

I have finally decided to go a bit more public with my artwork and display it on this lovely little blog.
Hopefully this will encourage me to get off my lazy arse and DO SOMETHING. Enjoy :)

'Spring' Watercolour on paper, 2010
'1950' Watercolour on paper, 2010
'City Stars' Watercolour on paper, 2010
'Purple Abstract', Watercolour and acrylic on paper, 2010
'Mars' Watercolour on paper, 2010